No Fear, No Force

No Fear, No Force

A guide to handling and training semi-feral foals in a gentle and effective way

The autumn sees 1,000’s of wild native foals changing hands at the sales. Many of them have had little or no handling. For the new owner it can be a daunting prospect taming their new foal. This is where my book No Fear, No Force will come into its own. Beautifully illustrated, the book will make an incredible difference to the lives of foals that are trained using the gentle and effective methods described. I have every hope that it will become the new tradition in foal handling.

No Fear No Force cover


“Sarah has an exceptional ability with unhandled and semi-feral ponies and a straight- forward way of teaching others to work with them in the same way”.

Kelly Marks

“And very good it is too – not only just for feral foals, but a lot of sensible advice there for those born in a domestic environment!! Great book, Sarah!!”

Heather Moffat

“Just a quick one to say that the book is fantastic- just like having you in the room!”


 “…thank you so much for the book. I’ve devoured it. Absolutely brilliant”